How Does It Work?

When you become a FreshFix member, you select a weekly produce box subscription (FarmFix, LocalFix, OrganicFix, or FamilyFix) which will be automatically delivered to your door each week unless you skip your box or substitute it with a different box. The contents of your box will change week to week depending on what is available from our farmers. (The box menus for the coming week are listed in our harvest newsletter that is sent out every Friday afternoon.) Your weekly box will automatically be added to your order every week (or every other week if you prefer). Please view our terms and conditions for more details.

Help our farmers plan and keep costs down! Produce subscriptions allow our farmers to plan how much to plant and harvest.  This can help reduce waste and keep costs down.

Take advantage of recurring deliveries on the schedule you choose!
If you do not have a produce box subscription, you will not be able to add any other recurring items to your cart. When there is not a produce box in your cart, all other items are deleted within 60 minutes.  
Yes! There are a few different ways you can change your recurring produce box. 

If you would like to receive a different box or create a custom order (i.e. FlexFix) for the current or following week (but not permanently), simply click on the box at the top right corner of your screen and remove the box from your order for a particular week. You will receive this message: “The current delivery for [date] does not contain a required item. Click here to add one.” Click the link and choose any of the one-time boxes from the page.  

If you want to permanently change your recurring box to a different one, please email support@freshfix.com to request a box change and we will be happy to assist you with that. 

Remember that if you do not have a recurring weekly produce box (LocalFix, FarmFixFamilyFix or OrganicFix), your order cannot be processed.

We offer a wide variety of local meat, dairy, grocery, and bakery items to add to your order! You can also always add more produce items to your box. Many of these items change seasonally, so be sure to keep checking back on the website for new and featured items!

To add these items to your order, simply click Shop at the top of the page and then browse our categories. Select the quantity of the item, and please be sure to select the frequency! Frequency options are this week, next week, every week, every other week, once per month, and specific date(s). If you accidentally choose the wrong frequency, you can always email support@freshfix.com to double check your account or any particular upcoming orders and make sure you’re only receiving items when you would like them!  

One of the great things about FreshFix is that we're flexible and you can skip any week you want and not have to pay.

If you would like to skip your delivery for this week or next
, simply click "Skip Delivery" on the Upcoming Deliveries page. If you want to schedule weeks that you do not receive your subscription farther in advance, you can add vacation schedules to your account here. Any vacation holds always need to include your Wednesday or Thursday delivery date!

Please note: Because we place our orders with our suppliers on Monday morning, any skips and vacation holds need to be submitted by Sunday at 11:59pm!
If you are unable to add products to your cart, it is possible that your account is on hold, either because you have a skip or vacation scheduled or because it was suspended for nonpayment. 

You can remove a delivery hold here. Simply click "Cancel" next to the return date at the bottom of the screen. 

Please contact Support@FreshFix.com regarding any financial holds. Also, please be sure to check your email in case you have been contacted regarding any missed payments. 
The LocalFix, OrganicFix, and FamilyFix all allow for unlimited substitutions. If you order a FarmFix, you will have the option to swap out one (1) item you don’t want and replace with a swap item. Depending on the swap you choose, additional fees may apply. If you'd like to swap more than the allowed items in your box, or if you would prefer other items than the swaps offered, we recommend you build a custom box (i.e. a FlexFix box). 
We want you to be completely satisfied with all the food you receive from FreshFix. While we are unable to offer refunds on items purchased, we are happy to give you a credit for any product that was rotten, spoiled or otherwise inedible.

For missing products, please first check your account. We may have credited you if an item was not available. (In this case, you will likely have received an email from support@freshfix.com to notify you of a substitution or out of stock item, or there would have been a notification in the weekly newsletter regarding any substitutions.) 

You can see your current account balance here.
The credit will not show on the receipt for your next order, but it will be deducted prior to your credit card being charged.

If you need a credit,
please email us at Support@FreshFix.com and we'll make it right!
At this time, we only accept credit and debit card orders through our website. When you become a FreshFix member, you set up an account with a card on file that will automatically be billed each week. 
Please contact Support@FreshFix.com and we will update your delivery address. Please note, requests made after Monday night may not be processed until the following week.
We always aim to ensure that your FreshFix experience is incredible. If you would like to suspend automatic deliveries, you can email Support@freshfix.com to remove your recurring produce box and other recurring subscriptions from your account. (We ask that you contact us directly so we can make sure your account status reflects any changes!)

To proceed with cancellation, please complete our cancellation survey. We appreciate your feedback!

Please note, cancellation requests are not processed over the weekend. Someone from our team will respond within two business days. If you do not want your upcoming delivery, please visit your Upcoming Deliveries page and click "Skip Delivery" before 11:59 PM Sunday.



Currently, we deliver to Buffalo, NY and the surrounding suburbs (much of Erie County and also Niagara Falls and Lewiston) as well as Batavia, NY and Rochester, NY. To see if we deliver to your address, click JOIN at the top of the website and enter your address. If we aren't in your neighborhood yet, you are welcome to email Support@freshfix.com and we will add you to our waiting list. 
Occasionally, our farm and artisan partners cannot supply a particular menu item OR a product doesn't meet our standards. When that happens, we do our best to let you know before your order is delivered. If we remove an item from your delivery, you will receive a credit and also email notification from Support@freshfix.com. For credits and issues affecting all members, you will receive a notification in the newsletter. You can also review your current order and delivery history here. If an item is missing and still listed in your delivery history without a corresponding credit, or or if you’re just unsure if something has been credited, please email Support@FreshFix.com and we will be happy to credit your account or answer your questions!
All orders must contain at least one produce box (i.e., FarmFix, Family Fix, OrganicFix or FlexFix) or they will be deleted by the ordering system. By default, your weekly produce box subscription will be in your cart unless you remove it. As long as you get your weekly subscription, you will never pay a delivery fee. If you choose to remove your weekly box and create a custom box (i.e. FlexFix), there is a $20 order minimum as well as a $5 delivery fee that will be added to your order. The delivery fee is waived for FlexFix orders over $40. 
As a FreshFix member, part of your responsibility is returning your box to your Community Coordinator each week. You will be charged a $2.50 box deposit fee per order. When you return a box, this fee will be credited to your account and will be applied to your next order. Please do not return boxes that have been used to hold anything other than food, have been left out in the rain, are otherwise damaged, or are unusable. We cannot guarantee that your coordinator will have the space to take back more than two boxes at a time. Alternatively, you can leave out a cooler and your coordinator can place your food directly in it. In this case, they may not need to leave a box and can credit your box deposit back to you immediatelyPlease be sure to update the "Delivery Instructions" section in your account preferences so that your coordinator knows where your cooler is located!

Coolers are required if you order anything refrigerated or frozen (e.g., meat, dairy, eggs). If a cooler with ice packs is not available at the time of delivery and you are not present to take delivery, your coordinator will leave a cooler and ice packs (when available) and your account will be charged $8. The cooler and ice packs are yours to keep and cannot not be returned.  

Please note: Meat must be placed into a cooler separate from your produce, so if you wish to have your produce placed in a cooler, you may need to leave out two coolers. If you order both meat and produce, you will need to leave out at least one cooler with ice.   

During times of the year when we experience extreme hot or cold temperatures, we recommend leaving a cooler out even if your order contains only produce, as produce left in extreme temperatures for an extended time may wilt, freeze, or experience other negative effects. We want to make sure you receive your produce in the best possible condition so you can enjoy it! 

We offer home delivery and while you don't need to be home to receive your box, it's up to you to decide how comfortable you feel leaving your box outside. If you have had problems with deliveries in the past, we are happy to deliver to a back or side door or place your box inside an entryway. Be sure to provide any special delivery instructions when you sign up. You can update your delivery instructions by going to My Account -> Preference -> “Driver Instructions.”  
Please note, if you live in an apartment building, our Community Coordinators will deliver your box to a common area. She/he will let you know when your order is dropped off.  

If you have a cell phone number in your account, we will send you an automatic text to confirm when your order has been delivered. Unfortunately, FreshFix cannot refund or replace boxes that go missing after we deliver them. We also provide a delivery window in an email the day before your delivery. If you will not be home during that time frame or within a few hours afterwards, we suggest that you leave out a cooler for your produce. Our team will happily transfer your items to the cooler. 

We currently deliver on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  After you sign up, we will let you know your delivery day based on your neighborhood and the Community Coordinator who is delivering to you. Each week, you will receive an email the day before your delivery day with a time frame for your delivery.



Unfortunately, we are unable to use separate boxes for members with food sensitivities. You may choose to order a box that does not contain an item that you are allergic to, or you may choose to swap out an item you're allergic to; however, we cannot guarantee that there has not been any cross contamination in any box since they are recycled back to us each week from other members. 
Yes! If you would like to tip your delivery coordinator, you can add one above the total in your cart. You can even add it as a recurring item on your regular deliveries. If you are ordering on a cellphone, you will need to click the picture of the box on the upper-right hand corner and you should see all of your items in your cart, as well as discounts, the tip section and the total. Click on the tip amount to edit it. 
Past the Sunday night cut-off? You can still add a gratuity for your Community Coordinator. Just open the order that you want to tip for and click on the tip amount. This will open the tips pop-up window. Enter the amount, hit save, and that's it, the tip will be included in the order! 
All of the locally sourced produce in the OrganicFix comes from certified organic farms.


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