Produce Box Subscriptions

When you become a FreshFix member you select a weekly produce box subscription (LocalFix, FarmFix, FamilyFix or OrganicFix) which you will receive every week unless you skip your upcoming delivery or add a different box. Your weekly box, and any other recurring subscriptions, will automatically be added to your order every week (or every other week if you prefer).

  • If you would like to skip your delivery for this week or next, simply click "Skip Delivery" on the Upcoming Deliveries page. If you want to schedule weeks that you do not receive your subscription farther in advance, you can add vacation schedules to your account here. Please note: removing a recurring produce box or other subscription from your cart, will not skip or delete the current week's order. 
  • If you would like to receive a different box or create a custom order (i.e., FlexFix) for this week or next week, simply go into your cart and remove the weekly box. Then you can add the box that you want. When you add the new box, please be sure to select “this week only.” If you choose “every week,” you will be signing up for an additional weekly produce box subscription and you may end up with two boxes in your cart on future weeks.
  • To change your weekly produce box subscription for future weeks (e.g., permanently switch your weekly box subscription from FarmFix to OrganicFix), please contact us at Support@FreshFix.com.
  • If you accidently remove your weekly box or other recurring items, from an upcoming delivery and you want to add it back, go to My Account -> Upcoming Deliveries and click “Restore My Recurring Delivery” for the week you want to change.
  • If you did not select a produce box at sign up, a LocalFix will be added to your recurring subscriptions.
  • If you need a credit or wish to permanently cancel your FreshFix membership, please email or call us at 716-218-3668.  Please review our refund and cancellation poilcy.

Order Minimums and Delivery Fees

All orders must contain at least one produce box (i.e., LocalFix, FarmFix, FamilyFix, OrganicFix or FlexFix) or they will be deleted. By default, your weekly produce box subscription will be in your cart unless you remove it. As long as you get your weekly subscription, you will not pay a delivery fee. If you choose to remove your weekly box and create a custom box (FlexFix), a $5 delivery fee will be added to your order. The delivery fee is waived for FlexFix orders of at least $40.

Please note: Once choose a FlexFix (custom box), you can shop the store and add anything you would like.

Produce Item Substitutions

If you order one of our weekly boxes (i.e., FarmFix, FamilyFix or OrganicFix), you will have the option to swap out one item you don’t want and replace with a swap item. Depending on the swap you choose, additional fees may apply. If you do not want more than one item in your box, we recommend you build a custom box (FlexFix). The LocalFix allows for unlimited substitutions.

Recurring Items

Many of the items on our website can be set-up as recurring deliveries. This includes most of our artisan items, dairy and bread. You can also subscribe weekly or bi-weekly to our bundles like the MeatFix and the FruitFix. By default, these items will be added to your cart as a recurring delivery, but for most items (excluding bundle subscriptions) you can choose to only add them for this week or next week if you prefer. All product subscriptions will be shipped according to the schedule you choose (i.e., weekly, bi-weekly, monthly). If you wish to remove a recurring item from your delivery or change the delivery frequency, please visit My Account -> Recurring Items.


Coolers are required if you order anything cold or frozen (e.g., meat, dairy, eggs). If a cooler with ice packs is not available at the time of delivery and you are not present to take delivery, your coordinator will leave a cooler and ice packs (when available) and your account will be charged $10. The cooler and ice packs are yours to keep and cannot not be returned.

Please note: Meat must be l placed into a cooler separate from your produce. so if you wish to have your produce placed in a cooler, you may need to leave out two coolers. If you order both meat and produce, you will need to leave out at least one cooler with ice.

Box Deposits

As a FreshFix member, part of your responsibility is returning your box to your Community Coordinator each week. You will be charged a $2.50 box deposit fee per order. When you return a box, this fee will be credited to your account and will be applied to your next order. Please do not return boxes that have been used to hold anything other than food, have been left out in the rain, are otherwise damaged, or unusable. We cannot guarantee that your coordinator will have the space to take back more than two boxes at a time. Alternatively, you can leave out a cooler and your coordinator can place your food directly in it. In this case, they may not need to leave a box and can credit your deposit immediately.  Please be sure to update the “delivery instructions” section on your account so that your coordinator knows where your cooler is.  Visit your account and select preferences -> notes to driver.


Unfortunately, we are unable to use separate boxes for members with food sensitivities. You may choose to order a box that does not contain an item that you are allergic to, however, we cannot guarantee that there has not been any cross contamination in any box since they are recycled back to us each week from other m members.


When you register, you will be asked to leave delivery instructions. Please choose a cool, dry area, such as a covered porch. We give a delivery time range and if you will not be home during that time frame or within a few hours afterwards, we suggest that you leave a cooler out for your produce especially on particularly hot or cold days. Our team will happily transfer your items to the cooler. Be sure to leave ice packs in the cooler...it becomes an “oven” in the heat if you don't, and this isn't good for fruits and vegetables. You can also sign-up to receive text messages when your box is delivered.


In order to improve our member experience FreshFix uses Community Coordinators to deliver each week. In many cases these coordinators live in your neighborhood. We will make every effort to use the same coordinator for your delivery every week. That way your coordinator can get to know your delivery preferences and ensure your order is complete. They can also ensure that your delivery window remains fairly consistent from week to week. If there are any problems on the day of delivery, you can reach out to support@freshfix.com for help.

While coordinators receive commissions for each order they deliver, tips are also welcome if you would like to recognize their efforts. Tips go directly to the coordinator.  Tips can be added on a one-time or recurring basis in your cart right above the total.



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