FreshFix Refund and Cancellation Policy


FreshFix does not issue refunds to members. If an order is placed in error or if a product is missing or damaged, you will receive a credit which can be used in a future week. 

Product Credits
We want you to be completely satisfied with all the food you receive from FreshFix. While we are unable to offer refunds on items purchased, we are happy to give you a credit for any product that was missing, rotten, spoiled or otherwise inedible. For missing products, please first check your account. We may have credited you if an item was not available. The credit will not show on the receipt for your next order, but it will be deducted prior to your card being charged.  If you need a credit, please email us at Support@FreshFix.com.


We always aim to ensure that your FreshFix experience is incredible. To proceed with your cancellation, please complete our cancellation survey. We appreciate you feedback!

Please note, cancellation requests are not processed over the weekend. Someone from our team will respond within two business days. If you do not want your upcoming delivery, please visit your Upcoming Deliveries page and click "Skip Delivery" before 11:59 p.m. Sunday.

Delivery Concerns
We offer home delivery and while you don't need to be home to receive your box, it's up to you to decide how comfortable you feel leaving your box outside. If you have had problems with deliveries in the past, we are happy to deliver to a back or side door or place your box inside an entryway. Be sure to provide any special delivery instructions when you sign-up. You can update your delivery instructions by going to My Account -> Preference -> “Delivery Instructions.”

If you have a cell phone number in your account, we will send you a text to confirm when your order has been delivered. Unfortunately, FreshFix cannot refund or replace boxes that go missing after we deliver them. We also give a delivery window and if you will not be home during that time frame or within a few hours afterwards, we suggest that you leave out a cooler for your produce. Our team will happily transfer your items to the cooler.

Vacations and Skip Weeks
One of the great things about FreshFix is that we're flexible. Members can skip any week they want and not have to pay. All skips and vacations must be set by 11:59 PM on Sunday.

  • If you do not want a delivery this week or next week, you simply need to remove your produce box from your cart for that week. When you remove your weekly produce box (i.e., FarmFix, FamilyFix, or OrganicFix) and do not add a custom box or specialty produce box (i.e., FlexFix), you will not get a delivery.
  • If you would like to schedule vacations or future skips, visit my account -> delivery hold and set the dates you will be out of town.

You can skip the ‘upcoming’ and ‘next week’s’ delivery on the upcoming deliveries page. You can also add vacations or delivery holds farther in the future. This will not cancel your subscription or remove it from future orders. Deliveries must be skipped using either of the methods outlined above before orders close on Sunday at 11:59 p.m. each week before delivery.

It is important to know that unless you skip an upcoming delivery or schedule a vacation, we will assume you want to receive a delivery and will debit your account accordingly. Since we start preparing your box as early as Monday morning, we cannot cancel your order if you decide to skip after Sunday. If you forgot to skip and do not have a friend or family member who is able to take your box, we are happy to donate it for you.

If you accidently remove your weekly box or other recurring items, from an upcoming delivery and you want to add it back, go to My Account -> Upcoming Deliveries and click “Restore My Recurring Delivery” next to the week you want to change.


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